Original Story by Nuke Wulandari


I’m the little girl in a little village who found a charming kind hearted Jersey Devil

He flapped his wings gently, flew away then touched down in front of me

He smiled, He bowed, He asked me to accompany him flew through the dark forest

I sit on his back, then we flew

I didn’t believe I incredibly put an interest in him

He showed me the air dancing

I was afraid of   falling but He told me not to

Unfortunately the others natives saw us and warned me to keep away from the Jersey Devil

I didn’t listen, they took an oath that I never be a part of this little village anymore

We kept flying and gone

We lived in dark forest ever since

Until someday I knew what did He do for a living

He ate brain from a new baby born

I freaked out. Screamed, cried, ran away.

He chased after me, told me sorry and promised to not made me freaking out again

He ate deer’s brain ever since

I felt a bit relieved

But one day I found him cutting a baby’s head in two under the cursed black leafed tree

I thought He would kept his promise but He didn’t

I ran away heading to the village, but he hunted me down

He got me, I didn’t even made out of dark forest

A second later, I smelled blood, I felt I had no head anymore

I cried but made it silent until I can’t felt anymore

I never got back to the village, never be a part of them anymore

The last thing I saw was the Jersey Devil was crying out loud



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